Corporate law

Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle the following:

  • formation, restructuring and liquidation of different types of companies,
  • establishment of branch offices and representations (local and international organizations),
  • drafting of all types of corporate documents,
  • drafting of legal opinions on corporate issues, negotiations on behalf of clients and discussions of business deals,
  • increase and reduction of chartered capital,
  • consolidation and splitting of shares,
  • affiliation, spin-off and transformation of companies and dealings in stocks,
  • due diligence on corporate issues, legal counselling on daily activities of companies and on law compliance issues.

Tax and customs

Guarantee of the success of any business is the right choice of tax regime, which provides a minimum payment of taxes and tax risks without expansion activities. Our company's lawyers are ready to assist you in compiling and successfully overcome the problems related to the understanding of these processes. So we offer:

  • consulting on the issues related to tax law,
  • support the company's tax planning policy, a favorable tax regime choice,
  • interests of the tax authorities, including the administrative proceedings,
  • appeal to higher authorities acts of inspection by the tax authority, action (inaction),
  • legal representation in tax disputes.

Highlighting your rights in external economic relations and considering customs policy changes, which is associated with integration of Armenia in the Eurasian Economic Union, our quality legal support will help you cope with the problems in customs, creating additional potential for your business. Supplies:

  • general consulting on issues related to customs law,
  • support to company planning custom policy and solving problems arising during customs clearance process,
  • interests of customs instances,
  • appeal against decisions of the customs authorities,
  • legal representation in customs disputes.

Banking and finance

Banking and financial laws by their structure are among the most complicated. Consequently financial transactions, operations, and disputes require not only a good detailed knowledge and experience in the field of banking and financial law, but also in the economy as a whole.

Our company's lawyers offer the following services:

  • analysis of legislation on investment funds and management,
  • effective solutions and consultancy for existing problems,
  • legal support of banking operations,
  • due diligence of the loan package, including contracts, order forms,
  • legal assistance in the process of confiscation of property,
  • services for judicially confiscation of insurance compensation,
  • judical collection of loan obligations and services for the confiscating of other fees.

Contracts and foreign investments

We provide detailed information on the legal environment of business in and legislation of Armenia. We provide detailed analysis on how to enter the local market, how to choose favourable tax regime, how make legally safe direct and indirect investments (see also in chapters Tax and costumes, Corporate Law).

In the sphere of contractual law we offer:

  • drafting and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts,
  • due Diligence of signed contracts,
  • representation of clients in full range of contract disputes.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is the fast developing and changing institute of the law. Protection in this area is your success from the start of business and helps you to stay away from the various controversies subsequently. We particularly offer:

  • complete legal consulting in the use, purchase, registration and alienation stages of the trademarks and industrial designs, as well as risk assessment for probability of rejection,
  • ensuring the state registration of the intellectual property objects, particularly trademarks and industrial designs and making the required documents and presentation of the relevant state body,
  • analysis and drafting trademarks waiver agreements, franchising and license contracts and their registration, legal support,
  • holding negotiation on the unconscientiously use of trademarks and industrial designs, representation before the third parties, state bodies and courts,
  • judicial protection of the rights towards the intellectual property, representation in the RA Administrative Court against the Intellectual Property Agency, as well as in the courts of general jurisdiction in connection with forbidding the illegal use of the trademarks and designs,
  • representation in the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition in connection with the issues related to non-compliance with the competition rules via violations of intellectual property,
  • legal analysis of RA legislation and judicial practice on IP, drawing legal opinions.

Real estate and construction

Our firm's lawyers have many years of experience in the legal support for developers and construction companies, which include:

  • legal support in the licensing process,
  • legal support in design, construction, operation permit issue,
  • appeal decisions of state bodies in construction and building industry,
  • all types of real estate transactions, including the sale, rental, compose collateral agreement, legal support in notarization and state registration of rights arising from operations stages,
  • legal support in process of real state’s public auction, appeal decisions.

Labor law

The lawyers of our company, who have many years experience in the given area and are well aware of the Labor Code and its peculiarities, are ready provide you advice on any matter of labor law, which may arise in the course of daily business activities. Especially:

  • consulting on the issues related to labor law,
  • preparing of employment contracts,
  • organizing and documenting the employment, dismissing, transfer to another job, disciplinary punishment, provision of vacations, involving in overtime work, employees certification, training and any other procedures arising from labor relations,
  • complete legal guidance employer’s personnel policy,
  • developing internal disciplinary rules, orders, decisions, instruction on the employees positions and their conformation with the RA legislation,
  • legal audit of labor relations (due diligence),
  • representation in the administrative proceedings in connection with the relations with administrative bodies, appealing against the acts of administrative bodies, maintaining correspondence and organizing legal inquiries,
  • analyzing labor conflicts (whistle-blowing),
  • in case of labor disputes holding negotiations and judicial representation in all the instances.


The lawyers of our company have strong understanding of peculiarities of RA judicial system and have necessary skills and large experience in litigation. Address us for the effective protection of your violated or challenged rights related to civil, corporate, labor, and administrative sphere, as well as for solving the legal disputes through litigation. We are ready to represent your interests in courts of all instances of RA and guarantee effective and high quality right’s protection. Our services related to court representation are the following:

  • study of documents and preparation of a conclusion with suggestions on further steps on the issue,
  • drafting all types of procedural documents,
  • litigation in courts of all instances of RA,
  • preparation of appellate and cassation appeals,
  • legal support during enforcement proceedings,
  • preparation of applications submitted to the Constitutional Court,
  • preparation of applications submitted to the ECHR, conducting further communication and representation.

Competition law

Parallel to the economic development in Armenia and the increase in the number of the companies the legal regulations in the competition area become more urgent and applicable. Considering this our lawyers provide the following services in the field of competition and antitrust law:

  • legal consulting on joint ventures, agreements, plans for entering the market, advertisement and other competition issues,
  • consulting on the competition issues originating during the unifications and mergers,
  • presenting applications to competition authorities on antimonopoly behavior of market participant, representation of applicant,
  • representation of clients interests in competition authorities,
  • lodging appeals against decisions, injunctions and orders of Competition committee,
  • legal analysis of RA antimonopoly legislation and provision of legal opinions.

Representation in administrative bodies

Our experienced lawyers are expressing their willingness to provide legal support also in state and local government bodies, including the government of the RA, State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre, Civil acts registration office of Ministry of Justice of the republic of Armenia, State register agency of legal entities of RA, State social security service, municipality etc. Provided services:

  • advising on disputes with the administrative bodies, also about possible future legal problems, the probability of avoiding litigation,
  • representation in administrative proceedings,
  • making applications, complaints and other documents.